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 Surah Ad Dukhan

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PostSubject: Surah Ad Dukhan   Fri Feb 23, 2007 10:55 am

44:1 Ha-Mim.

44:2 By the Book that makes things clear;-
Waalkitabi almubeeni

44:3 We sent it down during a Blessed Night: for We (ever) wish to warn (against Evil).
Inna anzalnahu fee laylatin mubarakatininna kunna munthireena

44:4 In the (Night) is made distinct every affair of wisdom,
Feeha yufraqu kullu amrin hakeemin

44:5 By command, from Our Presence. For We (ever) send (revelations),
Amran min AAindina inna kunnamursileena

44:6 As Mercy from thy Lord: for He hears and knows (all things);
Rahmatan min rabbika innahu huwa alssameeAAualAAaleemu

44:7 The Lord of the heavens and the earth and all between them, if ye (but) have an assured faith.
Rabbi alssamawati waal-ardiwama baynahuma in kuntum mooqineena

44:8 There is no god but He: It is He Who gives life and gives death,- The Lord and Cherisher to you and your earliest ancestors.
La ilaha illa huwa yuhyeewayumeetu rabbukum warabbu aba-ikumu al-awwaleena

44:9 Yet they play about in doubt.
Bal hum fee shakkin yalAAaboona

44:10 Then watch thou for the Day that the sky will bring forth a kind of smoke (or mist) plainly visible,
Fairtaqib yawma ta/tee alssamaobidukhanin mubeenin

44:11 Enveloping the people: this will be a Penalty Grievous.
Yaghsha alnnasa hathaAAathabun aleemun

44:12 (They will say:) "Our Lord! remove the Penalty from us, for we do really believe!"
Rabbana ikshif AAanna alAAathabainna mu/minoona

44:13 How shall the message be (effectual) for them, seeing that an Apostle explaining things clearly has (already) come to them,-
Anna lahumu alththikrawaqad jaahum rasoolun mubeenun

44:14 Yet they turn away from him and say: "Tutored (by others), a man possessed!"
Thumma tawallaw AAanhu waqaloomuAAallamun majnoonun

44:15 We shall indeed remove the Penalty for a while, (but) truly ye will revert (to your ways).
Inna kashifoo alAAathabiqaleelan innakum AAa-idoona

44:16 One day We shall seize you with a mighty onslaught: We will indeed (then) exact Retribution!
Yawma nabtishu albatshataalkubra inna muntaqimoona

44:17 We did, before them, try the people of Pharaoh: there came to them an apostle most honourable,
Walaqad fatanna qablahum qawmafirAAawna wajaahum rasoolun kareemun

44:18 Saying: "Restore to me the Servants of Allah: I am to you an apostle worthy of all trust;
An addoo ilayya AAibada Allahiinnee lakum rasoolun ameenun

44:19 "And be not arrogant as against Allah: for I come to you with authority manifest.
Waan la taAAloo AAala Allahiinnee ateekum bisultanin mubeenin

44:20 "For me, I have sought safety with my Lord and your Lord, against your injuring me.
Wa-innee AAuthtu birabbee warabbikuman tarjumooni

44:21 "If ye believe me not, at least keep yourselves away from me."
Wa-in lam tu/minoo lee faiAAtazilooni

44:22 (But they were aggressive:) then he cried to his Lord: "These are indeed a people given to sin."
FadaAAa rabbahu anna haola-iqawmun mujrimoona

44:23 (The reply came:) "March forth with My Servants by night: for ye are sure to be pursued.
Faasri biAAibadee laylan innakummuttabaAAoona

44:24 "And leave the sea as a furrow (divided): for they are a host (destined) to be drowned."
Waotruki albahra rahwaninnahum jundun mughraqoona

44:25 How many were the gardens and springs they left behind,
Kam tarakoo min jannatin waAAuyoonin

44:26 And corn-fields and noble buildings,
WazurooAAin wamaqamin kareemin

44:27 And wealth (and conveniences of life), wherein they had taken such delight!
WanaAAmatin kanoo feeha fakiheena

44:28 Thus (was their end)! And We made other people inherit (those things)!
Kathalika waawrathnahaqawman akhareena

44:29 And neither heaven nor earth shed a tear over them: nor were they given a respite (again).
Fama bakat AAalayhimu alssamaowaal-ardu wama kanoo munthareena

44:30 We did deliver aforetime the Children of Israel from humiliating Punishment,
Walaqad najjayna banee isra-eelamina alAAathabi almuheeni

44:31 Inflicted by Pharaoh, for he was arrogant (even) among inordinate transgressors.
Min firAAawna innahu kana AAaliyanmina almusrifeena

44:32 And We chose them aforetime above the nations, knowingly,
Walaqadi ikhtarnahum AAalaAAilmin AAala alAAalameena

44:33 And granted them Signs in which there was a manifest trial
Waataynahum mina al-ayatima feehi balaon mubeenun

44:34 As to these (Quraish), they say forsooth:
Inna haola-i layaqooloona

44:35 "There is nothing beyond our first death, and we shall not be raised again.
In hiya illa mawtatuna al-oolawama nahnu bimunshareena

44:36 "Then bring (back) our forefathers, if what ye say is true!"
Fa/too bi-aba-ina inkuntum sadiqeena

44:37 What! Are they better than the people of Tubba and those who were before them? We destroyed them because they were guilty of sin.
Ahum khayrun am qawmu tubbaAAin waallatheenamin qablihim ahlaknahum innahum kanoo mujrimeena

44:38 We created not the heavens, the earth, and all between them, merely in (idle) sport:
Wama khalaqna alssamawatiwaal-arda wama baynahuma laAAibeena

44:39 We created them not except for just ends: but most of them do not understand.
Ma khalaqnahuma illabialhaqqi walakinna aktharahum layaAAlamoona

44:40 Verily the Day of sorting out is the time appointed for all of them,-
Inna yawma alfasli meeqatuhumajmaAAeena

44:41 The Day when no protector can avail his client in aught, and no help can they receive,
Yawma la yughnee mawlan AAan mawlanshay-an wala hum yunsaroona

44:42 Except such as receive Allah's Mercy: for He is Exalted in Might, Most Merciful.
Illa man rahima Allahuinnahu huwa alAAazeezu alrraheemu

44:43 Verily the tree of Zaqqum
Inna shajarata alzzaqqoomi

44:44 Will be the food of the Sinful,-
TaAAamu al-atheemi

44:45 Like molten brass; it will boil in their insides.
Kaalmuhli yaghlee fee albutooni

44:46 Like the boiling of scalding water.
Kaghalyi alhameemi

44:47 (A voice will cry: "Seize ye him and drag him into the midst of the Blazing Fire!
Khuthoohu faiAAtiloohu ilasawa-i aljaheemi

44:48 "Then pour over his head the Penalty of Boiling Water,
Thumma subboo fawqa ra/sihi min AAathabialhameemi

44:49 "Taste thou (this)! Truly wast thou mighty, full of honour!
Thuq innaka anta alAAazeezu alkareemu

44:50 "Truly this is what ye used to doubt!"
Inna hatha ma kuntum bihitamtaroona

44:51 As to the Righteous (they will be) in a position of Security,
Inna almuttaqeena fee maqamin ameenin

44:52 Among Gardens and Springs;
Fee jannatin waAAuyoonin

44:53 Dressed in fine silk and in rich brocade, they will face each other;
Yalbasoona min sundusin wa-istabraqin mutaqabileena

44:54 So; and We shall join them to Companions with beautiful, big, and lustrous eyes.
Kathalika wazawwajnahum bihoorinAAeenin

44:55 There can they call for every kind of fruit in peace and security;
YadAAoona feeha bikulli fakihatinamineena

44:56 Nor will they there taste Death, except the first death; and He will preserve them from the Penalty of the Blazing Fire,-
La yathooqoona feehaalmawta illa almawtata al-oola wawaqahum AAathabaaljaheemi

44:57 As a Bounty from thy Lord! that will be the supreme achievement!
Fadlan min rabbika thalikahuwa alfawzu alAAatheemu

44:58 Verily, We have made this (Qur'an) easy, in thy tongue, in order that they may give heed.
Fa-innama yassarnahu bilisanikalaAAallahum yatathakkaroona

44:59 So wait thou and watch; for they (too) are waiting.
Fairtaqib innahum murtaqiboona
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Surah Ad Dukhan
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