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 Will you ever be able to see Allah?

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PostSubject: Will you ever be able to see Allah?   Fri Feb 23, 2007 11:19 am

You can never see Allah, only hear Allah but that is if you are at the Highest stage of Heaven. Seeing Allah is impposible. Here is a story that I heard from my Islamic school teacher, she said:

One day Hazrat Musa was with his people and his people said can you please show us your god, then Hazat Musa asked Allah can you please show your self to my people. After that Allah told Hazrat Musa to tell his people to look between those two mountains,and they did. All of a sudden the mountains broke down in to peices by light and some people died and fainted, as well as Hazrat Musa. Later then Allah had brought Hazrat Musa up into heaven and Hazrat Musa asked what was that about, Allah had told him to tell his people that you couldnt even handle one ray of my light do you think you could see the whole me? See you cant ever see Allah or classify the way he looks.
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Will you ever be able to see Allah?
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