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 Do you know...?

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PostSubject: Do you know...?   Fri Feb 23, 2007 11:21 am

If you read surah Fateha you get a basket of apples for when you are in your grave and in hunger.

If you read Surah Mulk everyday it avoids your ounishments in your grave.

If you read Surah Rehman everyday on the Day od Judgement your face will be filled with light.

If you read surah Yaseen everyday your sins will be cleared away and your soul will be taken out gentally.

If you read Surah Aklas 12 times a day you will get 12 houses in Jannat each time, and if you read it 3 times a day it is like recting the whole Quran.

Make sure you read the english translation to so that you actually understand what each word means.
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Do you know...?
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