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 What is a Hijab?

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PostSubject: What is a Hijab?   Sat Feb 10, 2007 6:48 pm

What is a hijab?

- Hijab is the flag of Islam

Why wear a hijab?

Allah made it wajib upon us sisters to wear a hijab, which means that we have to wear a hijab. The hijab is worn to prevent men from looking at you in the inappropraite way. The beauty is in your hair so if your hair is not shown your beauty will be hidden. If a man looks at you in a inappropriate way that is because you have not followed Allah's command and you havn't worn the hijab. For a man it would be haram , which means a gunnah(bad deed) if he looks at a woman in a inappropriate way. So you should start wearing a hijab so that you can get more sawaab(good deed) from Allah.
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What is a Hijab?
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