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 This Ummah is like a Tasbih

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PostSubject: This Ummah is like a Tasbih   Tue Mar 27, 2007 11:22 am

A Tasbih is used to keep count of dhikr. It is usually made up of 100 beads which are held together in a necklace form by a thread. As long as the tasbih remains in its original form, it can be used for doing good deeds. However, what happens if the thread rips? The beads fall all over the place and create a mess. Similar is the example of this ummah. As long as the Muslims remain united together, good results will come out of them. However, as soon as they are divided, they will create a big mess, which is clearly visible in these days.
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This Ummah is like a Tasbih
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