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 Recognize the Lord

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PostSubject: Recognize the Lord   Thu Mar 29, 2007 11:36 am

Today, you and I have been blessed with iman (faith in Allah). This iman that you and I have was not given to some fathers of the prophets, some wives of the prophets, some children of the prophets and even some relatives of the prophets. For example, Prophet Ibrahim (as) was the friend of Allah yet his own father didn't have this iman that we have. Nuh's (as) own sons didn't have this iman. Muhammad (saw) who was the beloved of Allah, even his own uncle didn't get this faith which you and I got. Thus, this gift of faith is not something small.

Today we don't know who Allah is. A man came to Prophet Muhammad (SAW) once and asked him to describe Jibrael (as). If Jibrael (as) is to spread two of his wings, they would cover all the space between east and west. His feet would reach the deapest part of the universe and reach just below the throne of Allah! We usually see the horizon (where the sky seem to touch the ground) but if Jibrael (as) is to spread his wings, we won't be able to see the horizon either. All the space would be covered. Such is Jibrael (as) who is one of the creatures of Allah. We can understand a little more about him when we examine the following example: imagine you go out of your home and find a person who is 90 feet tall. His eyes are as big as big balls and legs are 50 feet tall. If he says Assalamu Alaikum to you then it will be hard for you to stay awake because you might faint. Now, this man is only 90 feet tall. What about Jibrael (as) whose height is unimaginable?

To Allah, creating Jibrael (as) is same as creating an ant. If someone tells us to make a stick, then we can simply break a branch of a tree, take out the leaves and turn it into a stick. But if someone tells us to make a chair, then we would find it difficult. But to Allah, making a little ant is no harder then making the giant Jibrael (as)! All He says is Kun and everything comes into existence. Such is Allah (swt) whom we have not recognized.
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Recognize the Lord
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