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 Friday sermon by Shaikh Thubaiti

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PostSubject: Friday sermon by Shaikh Thubaiti   Thu Mar 29, 2007 11:37 am

The Imam and Khateeb of Prophets Mosque, Sheikh Abdul Bari Al-
Thubaiti, in his Friday sermon said, "Every believer who does good
deeds shall he rewarded with a good and happy life by Allah
Almighty." Sheikh Al-Thubaiti said, a good life is the one in which a
person earns lawful livelihood and remains contented with what Allah
has given him. The world today is full of worries and sorrows. There
are many tribulations and animosities. Modern civilisation has
produced many luxuries and amenities for mankind, but it could not
ensure happiness and tranquillity to everyone. Modern science has
made great achievements that produce sensual pleasure and superficial
and physical prosperity. However, it could not secure happiness that
settles into the heart and soul," he said.

"Some people think that good life is associated with luxurious
living, amassing wealth and occupying lofty and positions of
authority (in the society). However, a good, secure, calm and happy
life comes only with true belief in Allah Almighty, the Creator of
the world, Who should be praised and worshipped alone without
associating any partners with Him.

If only a person knows his Lord full well and believes firmly that He
alone determines the destiny of all creatures, then he will fear no
one except his Lord; seek help from no one except from Him; and
humble himself before no one but Him. He will then lead a good and
peaceful life," Sheikh Al-Thubaiti said.

"Those who seek benefactors other than Allah, be they rulers or men
of wealth and power, can be considered as wretched and unhappy
people. Good life comes with piety through Allah's worship and
abstinence from sins,' he said. "Allah says in the Holy
Qur'an: "Behold! Verily on the friends of Allah there is no fear, nor
shall they grieve; those who believe and constantly guard against
evil for them are glad tidings, in the life of the present and in the
Hereafter: no change can there be in the words of Allah. This is
indeed the supreme felicity." (Qur'an 10:63)

"The devoted believer is the happiest individual who lives a life of
eternal bliss in complete peace of mind;' he said "Allah has promised
to be on the side of those who are pious and do righteous deeds. He
makes them victorious over their enemies and delivers them from the
disbelievers' intrigues if they (Muslims) remain patient and pious.

"Prayer (Salat) is the greatest means of attaining good life. It
gladdens the heart, soothes the soul and brings equanimity to the
mind. A person feels relaxed and free from worries soon after he
offers prayers, which gives him spiritual power that strengthens him
to face the problems of life,' Sheikh Thubaiti said.

"Glorifying Allah's name is a tool for gaining composure and feeling
of being at ease that comes with the sense of being close to Him.

"One who feels closeness to Allah, does not fear any other being
except Him, Who will be on his side to help him in difficult
situations," he added.

Sheikh Thubaiti noted that happiness also comes when a person seeks
Allah's forgiveness if (at all) he commits a sin or has been
disobedient to the Lord.

"A happy person is also the one who is satisfied with whatever Allah
has bestowed on him.

"The Prophet (pbuh) of Islam said: '(The example of) a person who has
a healthy body, his daily bread and peace of mind, is as if he has
got the whole world in his hands," Sheikh Thubaiti said.
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Friday sermon by Shaikh Thubaiti
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