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 Greatness of Allah

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PostSubject: Greatness of Allah   Thu Mar 29, 2007 11:39 am

The Shaikh said that our actions are based on how much belief we have in our hearts. If our belief is strong, then our actions will be strong. Then he mentioned that every effort has a name, a place where it is done and a result. For example, Farming is a name of an effort. Farming is done on land and the result is fruits, vegetables, etc. Similarly, Da'wah il-Allah (calling people towards Allah) is a name of an effort. It is done on the hearts of people and the result is guidence (Hidaya) from Allah.

Then the Shaikh discussed about the Greatness of Allah. He said that if two students come to a teacher with questions and starts asking at the same time, no matter how knowledgeable the teacher is, he will tell one student to talk at a time. Because, he is unable to understand both at the same time. But on the other hand, Allah told us that if the first human being till the last one to born along with all the Jinns, if they were to gather in a field and start asking from Allah, Allah can hear all of them at the same time and reply to all of them at the same time. Even though the people are speaking in their own languages, in own tone and ways, yet Allah is able to hear and understand them all. Allahu Akbar! If a student is far away from the teacher and talks, then the teacher has problems understanding what the student is saying. However, no matter how far we are, Allah can hear us, distance doesn't affect the hearing of Allah.

Allah is able to see what is under the water of the ocean and what is under the dark soil of the ground. If you are walking with some friends and suddenly you look at something haraam, the friends might not have seen you doing it but Allah has seen the treachery of the eyes and He knows what the hearts conceal.

Allah knows how many hairs there are on your head and on the head of each individual on earth. He knows how many hairs have fallen and how many hairs will grow. He knows how many hairs will turn grey.

This Great, All Mighty, Allah didn't keep our success in wealth. He kept our success in following Islam. People used to look at Karoon and say: How lucky is Karoon. If we only had this much wealth. However, Allah Ta'ala showed the whole mankind that the same wealth brought destruction to karoon for not obeying the commandments of Allah.

Success is not in strength. The people of 'Ad were very powerful. They used to say "Who is stronger than us?" Allah sent them a messenger to remind them that "Don't they think that He who has created them is stronger than them?" But the people refused the messenger. Allah sent strong wind which destroyed each and every one of them. Not even one of them was alive. Now who is stronger?

Allah is able to protect in any condition. When Ferawoon decided to kill all the boys born in Bani Israel, his ministers approached him saying that these are the boys who grow up and become our slaves. If he is going to kill them then who is going to serve us? Then Ferawoon decided that one year he will kill and another year he won't. If Allah wanted, He could've made Musa (AS) born in the year when Ferawoon was not killing. But Musa (AS) was born in the year when Ferawoon was killing. And Harun (AS), Musa (AS)'s brother, was born in the year when Ferawoon wasn't killing. And Allah protected Musa (AS).

We cannot see Iman (faith) but we can see the effects of Iman. For example, we cannot see wind but we can see the effects of wind (branches of trees moving, our hairs flying, etc.) The same way, the effect of iman is that we do good deeds. An old man being able to get up for Tahajjud in a winter night shows us the effect of iman.

The Shaikh said that he attended a Janaza last monday where a whole family had died. The brother who died used to be extremely rich and owned his own private plane. He was going to visit some place with his family (Himself, wife, two sons and two daughters). The plane crashed on the way and all of them died. The moment before boarding the plane, he didn't know what was to come.

Today, our death shroud could already be in the store yet we have big big plans.

May Allah give us the understanding of this worldly life which is nothing but a deception.

If you live in Toronto, you can hear weekly lectures like this in Medinah Masjid. It's every saturday after Isha Salah.
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Greatness of Allah
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