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 Allah's unlimited treasures

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PostSubject: Allah's unlimited treasures   Thu Mar 29, 2007 11:41 am

We passed by a masjid yesterday and a scholar gave a very beautiful talk after Isha salah. Here is the summarized version of the talk.

He said: Allah has created the heavens and kept so many valuable things in it. Billions of people will get their own part of heaven with such valuable things that we can't imagine. Then Allah has created uncountable amount of things in the universe. All the materials needed to make these things came from the treasures of Allah. After creating all the creatures, Allah has been spending on them and will keep on spending forever. For example, Allah is providing them with water, air, food, etc. All these things are also coming from the tresures of Allah. Such is Allah, whose treasures are unlimited and never gets finished!

Then he mentioned the characteristics of Angel Jibrael (AS). He is so big that he would cover the distance between the east and the west. If he stood, his head would reach just beneath the Throne of Allah. When Prophet Muhammad (SAW) went to Miraj, Angel Jibrael stopped in Sidratul Muntaha and said that he cannot proceed further. From here, 70,000 veils of Noor (Divinde Light) starts. Such big angel Jibrael, if he crosses one of these veils from the Noor of Allah, he will be burnt to ashes. So, these big powerful creations of Allah are nothing even compared to the light of Allah. How powerful and majectic is Allah then?

Dear Muslims, let us always be mindful of Allah and look around all around us to see how Allah has created so many things with such amount of engineering that mankind could not apprehend for millions of years.
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Allah's unlimited treasures
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